What the News Reporters do not said About Jose !

  • Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, I was raised in the housing projects of Caguas PR.
  • Primary language Spanish, Secondary language English. 
  • Father of 6 children, from the age of 19 to 23. (2 sons, 4 daughters , one with special needs)
  • Second in line of 12 siblings. (7 brothers and 4 sisters.)
  • his first Small Business was at the age of 9, (recycling cans and doing deliveries) and he has paid social security since the age of 16.
  • at the age of 10 he was a victim of sexual abuse, from a person under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The perpetrator spent only 6 months in juvenile detention. The side effect of this sexual abuse was that Jose became a victim of bully and sexual embarrassment by others kids and teenagers. Jose learned 2 different stiyles of martial arts to overcome lack of confidence and to defend himself. 
  • at the age of 11, Jose was immobilized for around 6 months due to an orthopedic problem. His teacher visited him every weekend to delivery school materials: he completed his work and passed 5th grade.
  • In Middle school Jose was a rebel with a cause: he became the protector of any student who was minimized by others. This would at times get him in trouble with teachers. 
  • Jose got his GED from High School.  After high school he began to focus on work and his artistic career as a reaggeton singer.
  • Jose was sportsman participating in track and field and volley ball. Baseball in his neighborhood was a passion for him, like many other Puerto Rican boys. A sports injury ended his sports career. 
  • Jose's military experience was in middle school and provided by the recuiters of the U.S. Army in a community program called C.O.B.R.A.. He was a part of the Special team Mac V Sog green beret and earned the grade of second lieutenant of a battalion of over 100 teenagers. He was unable to enlist in the Army after high school due to physical ineligibility from previous sports injuries. 
  • he was a Volunteer and Certified search and rescue member of Civil Defense.
  • From 1990 until 1999 he was an active member of the New Progress Party of PR., Jose and his team ( COCUS KLAN) worked directly with all the campaigns of Honorable Governor Pedro Rossello around the island. 
  • Jose came Stateside to Tampa, Florida in December 5,1999 to care for his dying Dad.
  • His father was U.S.M.C. veteran who died of cancer January 16, 2000.
  • in 2010 His Mother have a stroke in Puerto Rico. Because the Island Crisis, Jose flew his mother to Florida seeking a better medical care. At today date, Jose Mom is paralyzed and living in a Non profit Nursing home in Tampa Florida. 
  • In 2000 /2001, as Security Guard, he helped to apprehend and provide testimony in the prosecution of criminals in an effort to protect families.
  • in 2001, he lost his firearm permit, protecting a Tampa Police Officer. 
  • in 2003, the Family department of families and childrens of state of Philadelphia, give custody of his disable pregnant sister and his 2 kids. also the department of Family and childrens of State florida force Jose to choice betwen his bussines or his sister problem. Jose have to shut down his in house security bussines for keep the temporary custody of his nephews and niece. Jose lost a potential contract of 15 security   
  • Wrong persecuted in 2004 with false allegation from Probation Officer.
  • in November 19, 2005, Wrong arrested and accused of Domestic Violence,( when Jose was the victim) The Hillsborough County State Attorney office drop charges after 6 months of tried of persecute him.
  • From 2007 to 2009 send to State Prison because his driver license was suspended ,failure to paid traffic fine. ( NOT for CRIMINAL BEHAIVOR).
  • Product of Restoration of Civil Rights. (2 yrs State Prison, Failure to Pay Traffic Fine.) 
  • As a victim of Domestic Violence, Jose was sheltered at The Spring of Tampa Bay.
  • As a temporary Homeless, Jose was a client of New Beginning, church Program.
  • S.S.I. Disable. (Due to slip and fall accident (2011), Low back surgery L-5 / S-1.)
  • Self Employee. (Paid State and Local Business Taxes and arrears in Child Support) 

My Government Professional Experience

  • Clerk, Consumer Complaint Department, Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Clerk Permit Division, Department of Administration of Regulations and Permits.
  • General Labor Construction Division, Department of Public Housing.
  • General Labor, Department of Transportation and Public Works.
  • Clerk, GED Program, Department of Education.
  • Clerk, Records, Department of Family and Children of Puerto Rico
  • Personal Driver of Hon. Junior Aponte, Mayor City of Aguas Buenas.
  • Ward Clerk, Emergency Room, Department of Health.
  • Security Guard Z.E.L.D.A. Program, Department of Education.
  • Personal Driver of Hon. Luis Hernandez Santiago, State Representatives.

Civic Memberships

  • Member of Sierra Club.
  • Volunteer at Huracan Ranch, Tampa Florida. 
  • Volunteer First Respond, (C.E.R) Caguas Emergency Rescue Team.
  • Search and Rescue, Civil Defense of Puerto Rico.
  • Radio Operator, Civil Defense of Puerto Rico.
  • Volunteer First Respond, Civil Defense of Puerto Rico.
  • Former Member, League of United Latin American Citizens of Puerto Rico.
  • Former Volunteer, Red Cross of Puerto Rico
  • Founder and President, Cocus Clan, 1995-1999. (Campaign Grassroots)  

Local Political Active Member 

Hillsborough County Democrat Party,

Plant City Area Democrats, Temple Terrace Democrats,

Caribean Caucus, and Veteran Caucus.