President Obama has said “The most important office in a democracy is that of Citizen.”

• not President, not Governor, not Senator, but citizen.

• the citizen ultimately decides what kind of politics we have

• we decide by what we do and what we do not do

• do we use our voice and vote?

• or stay home and sleep thru the election.

In a democracy every vote counts. We cannot afford as Democrats to stay away from elections. We must get out and vote.The alternative is politics as usual. So I need your voice. I need and respectfully request your vote.

Please vote for Jose by mail, or early vote December 9-16 at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City, the Temple Terrace Library in Temple Terrance, or on Election Day, December 19, 2017.

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Increase Minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage is sound policy: it increases the reward for work among low- and moderate income households struggling to make ends meet; it puts spending power in the hands of those who fuel our consumer economy and it can spread the modest costs broadly in proportion to families’ ability to pay. The ultimate goal is $15.00 per hour before 2020. A graduated approach, for example a $0.25/hour every 3 months for the next 2 years) to $12 per hour allows businesses to adjust incrementally to the changes.  


I support the Constitution of the United States and that includes the second amendment. The right to bear arms is a right protected by the second amendment.

However I do believe that current gun laws in this State and in our country go far beyond the Constitutional context of our right to own guns. I do not want to take away anyone’s guns. I believe that reasonable and sensible regulation of gun ownership and use will make our homes and communities safer. Let’s have smart legislation that closes loop holes in order to guarantee the safety of innocent and the law-abiding public. No more New Towns. No more Las Vegas. No more Auroras.

We must acknowledge and address the problem of gun violence based on facts, not rhetoric. Special interest lobbies like the NRA are willing to trade your safety for profit. These special interest groups traffic not just in weapons, but in fear, and in lies. Gun sales rose during the Obama years because gun owners were told Obama was coming for their guns. People stock piled guns out of fear that Obama was coming. Not one person can honestly say Obama took their gun. That was trafficking lies and promoting fear. The facts: gun sales have dropped under the Trump era because the NRA is not scaring people with the lie that someone is coming to take their guns away.

There is a solution that protects our safety and our freedom — responsible gun control and ownership standards that apply to all. I would support legislation that allows schools of Public Health to do research on gun safety and the impact of our current laws on public health. I do not support carrying guns on our college campuses or in our schools, libraries, hospitals, churches or any public venues where the unarmed choose to play, rest, and enjoy our beautiful state. 

Public Education

Well supported public schools can engage all students in learning. Well supported public schools graduate students prepared to be productive citizens. Well supported public schools prepare students who are college or trade school bound for success in higher education settings. Children are our nation's future. Their development affects all of us. Good education is not cheap, but ignorance is expensive. Let’s support our public schools and stop the war on public schools and teachers.

I support choice in education. Hillsborough County is blessed to have many excellent Magnet Schools which offers students many diverse choices. These choices allow students to choose a learning environment best suited to their individual needs.

I do not support diversion of State funds (our tax dollars) to private, often for profit charter schools. Charter schools have no accountability to the public who funds them. Charter schools do not have to meet the same standards as our public schools must meet. This lack of accountability in the Charter School system creates an uneven playing field that punishes our children and puts our children at risk. 90% of all children go to public schools, yet more and more dollars are taken away from the public school system to support and create more charter schools

If elected, I will support legislation that will fully fund Hillsborough's Public Educational System. Our Schools are crumbling due to lack of funding for ongoing maintenance. Many schools lack air conditioning which create an unhealthy environment not conducive to learning. Too much money is being diverted away from our public school systems where the majority of our students choose to go to learn. I will take the position that all schools built, supported, and funded with State tax dollars will be held to the same standards our to which our public schools are held. I will support legislation that requires all Charter schools funded with tax dollars be governed and overseen by public entities, such as the local school board to insure all students are treated equally. 

Affordable Housing

Families in Hillsborough County and across Florida can’t afford where they live and often live in over-crowed and unsafe housing. Families should not spend more than 30% of their household income on housing. Yet, in 2015, in Hillsborough County 210,000 of our families spent over 30% and 102,000 of them spent over 50%. The hardest hit are working families and seniors with low incomes. These are families living one car repair, doctor visit, or emergency away from eviction. A minimum wage worker must work 95 hours per week for 52 weeks to afford a 2 bed room apartment at the fair market rate of $995.

Twenty five years ago the state created the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund designed to support state and local housing programs. It is funded by a small surcharge on each real estate transaction, However, the State Legislature has been using these funds for other pet projects, tax breaks for business, and balancing the budget. Since 2008, $1.3 Billion has be taken from the fund by the Legislature. As a result we have an affordable housing crisis. When I am elected I will fight to keep every dollar in that fund and use it to create more affordable housing in this district and across the state. Affordable housing is a fight for the dignity of our fellow citizens. I pledge to fight all efforts to use this fund for any other causes. 


We are the land of Immigrants. Immigration has served our country well. I support a comprehensive plan for immigration reform that holds everyone accountable, treats everyone fairly, provide real border security and creates a path for everyone to earn the American Dream.

Our strong and thorough refugee vetting process has been vigorous and extensive. It has been in place for a long time. The current call for a 100% certainty requirement is an illusion. It also a call for stopping any refugee re-settlement. This is morally wrong. This is not what made America great!

Local police are not federal authorities. They should focus their resources on local citizen's issues and community safety.

Deportation for serious crimes by undocumented persons is needed and is not new. It has been the policy of our government for the past 8+ years. Current rules that use non-violent and minor civil violations for deportation and separate families is against our American values.

Protect our Environment. 

Global Warming is REAL. 

NO to Fracking in the State of Florida and YES to renewable Energy!

Protect our Environment.

Global warming is real. Science matters. Sea level rise is happening and accelerating. Tampa Bay is on the leading edge of the impact zone. NO to FRACKING in Florida! YES to RENEWABLE ENERGY!

Fracking, by any method, for extracting oil and gas in Florida will accelerate global warming and increase pollution of our water supplies. It has no place in Florida. Solar energy is abundant in the Sunshine State. We must take advantage of this limitless natural resource and move to solar powered homes and businesses. Solar jobs are a great new and growing industry and often pays an average wage of over $20.00 per hour. I will work for State support for cities and counties efforts regarding adaptation and building resilience to impacts of sea level rise. Improved growth management by the State and counties is needed to

​ preserve the natural beauty of our community and State. ​We need to accommodate for population growth in a responsible way for the benefit of current and future taxpayers. I support full funding of the intent of Florida Land and Water Conservation Initiative passed in 2014, to acquire, improve, restore and manage Florida conservation and recreation lands, to include the Florida Forever program. Tampa Bay needs a modern 21st century transit system to propel our economic and community development. I will support efforts to accomplish this. A transit system will help end the gridlock on our roads saving time for people commuting to and from work, giving workers more time with family and friends. Florida needs a strong program for water quality protection and for the protection of our wetlands and the Everglades. I will work to protect our water quality and our wetlands.

I will support sustainability policies and programs which makes investments that are enduring over the long haul rather than selling short our future by taking quick profits at the expense of long term gains.