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“Seeds have the power to preserve species, to enhance cultural as well as genetic diversity, to counter economic monopoly and to check the advance of conformity on all its many fronts.”

 Michael Pollan


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Increase Minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage (.25, every 3 months for the next 2 yrs) is sound policy: it increases the reward for work among low- and moderate income households struggling to make ends meet and spreads the modest costs of doing so broadly in proportion to families’ ability to pay. The ultimate goal is $15.00 per hours before 2020. A graduated approach to $15 per hour allows businesses to adjust incrementally to change.  


Those who claim to be channeling our forefathers when justifying the right to own firearms (and irresponsible gun selling practices) are preying on ignorance, at best. It is not that individuals should not have means to legally own guns in the Constitutional context. If we truly want to discuss the Second Amendment it’s important to realize that it was written and intended to ensure militias could be armed to repel invasions, rebellions, or fight tyranny . 

We’re not talking about taking away anyone’s guns. We’re talking about reasonable regulation for the benefit of our safety and homeland security. We’re talking about being smart and taking care of the innocent and the law-abiding public. We’re talking about acknowledging and addressing a problem based on facts, not rhetoric. Shame on the special interests who are willing to trade your safety and your blood for profit, by trafficking not just in weapons, but in fear, and in lies. There is a solution that protects our safety and our freedom — responsible gun control and ownership standards that apply to all.  

Public Education

Well-supported public schools can engage all students in learning and graduate productive and competent citizens. Children are our nation's future. Their development affects all of us. Good education is not cheap, but ignorance costs far more. 

The news is no better for higher education, career and technical education (CTE) funding would be cut by 15 percent from FY2017, almost $500 million would be cut from the Federal Work Study program, the plan would end student loan forgiveness for public servants, and Perkins loans for disadvantaged students cutting education for homeless children, CTE and adult education.

Impact by state of eliminating funding for programs supporting children and working families: low-income home energy assistance, community services, social services, and community development.

If elected, I will support legislation that will fully fund Hillsborough's Public Educational System. Our Schools are crumbling do to lack of funding for on going maintenance and many schools lack air conditioning which create an unhealthy environment not conducive to learning.   providing by law a secure system of free public schools to ensure that our children, teachers, and staff are treated with the high quality and funding that they deserve to meet those high Standards. 

Affordable Housing

41.51% of households in Hillsborough County are renters. Households who pay more than thirty percent of their gross income are considered to be Rent Overburdened in Hillsborough County. Rents are soaring in Hillsborough County but wages are not keeping pace. It is estimated that 51.59% of households families in Hillsborough County are overburdned. This means that these family are paid more of the 30% of their income in rent. 

The State has the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund designed to support state and local housing programs. However the State Legislature has redirected these funds for other pet projects and to balance the budget: as a result we have an affordable housing crisis. When I am elected I will fight to spend money from that fund to create more affordable housing in this district and I pledge to fight all efforts to use this fund for any other causes.


We are the land of Immigrants and immigration has served our country well. I support a comprehensive plan for immigration reform that holds everyone accountable, treats everyone fairly, provide real border security and creates a path for everyone to earn the American Dream. 

The refugee vetting process has been vigorous and extensive. A 100% certainty requirement is an illusion or simply a call for stopping any refugee resettlement . This will be morally wrong.

Local police are not federal authorities and should focus their resources on local citizen's and community safety. 

Deportation for serious undocumented re-offenders is needed and this is not new. Using non violent and minor civil violations for deportation that separate families is against our American values.      

Protect our Environment.

NO to Fracking in the State of Florida and YES to renewable Energy!

Fracking is a dangerous method of extracting oil and gas that will bring more climate change and more pollution that has no place on our public lands. These

lands were preserved for the use and enjoyment of all Americans, but increasingly, the oil and gas industry. 

These lands are our natural heritage, not profit centers for the fossil fuel industry. We must ban fracking on public lands to protect our climate, water and public health.  


Solar energy is abundant in the Sunshine State. We should take advantage of this limitless natural resource and move to solar powered homes and businesses. We should move away from fossil fuels, especially those that use fracking that is so detrimental to our health and our environment. I will support legislation to make solar more affordable and available.  In addition, solar jobs can not be sent overseas and on average pays a living wage of over $20.00 per hour for those who work in this industry.