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Hello my name is Jose Vazquez and I am running in the Special Election in Florida House District 58. I am standing up for our families and our progressive values. I support legislation that you want, not the legislation which the special interests want, legislation that is often harmful to you, me and our families. I appreciate you standing with me as I work to bring better jobs, better pay, better transportation, better school funding, and better policies that will make our community safer. Make a donation right now!  Let’s build a District that we can all be proud to live in. 

Let's Flip this Seat  !!!

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Support t​he candidate who shares your 

values and your struggles.​

I am a Democrat. I believe in Democratic values of generosity to others, tolerance of our differences, a commitment to community without division and hate, hard work and responsibility, compassion for others, and hope instead of fear. I understand the struggles and challenges of families in our district, because I live them too.

      • I have experienced the challenge of trying to make ends meet on a minimum wage.

      • I have been challenged by a justice system in my younger years that I did not understand and made mistakes trying to navigate it without the aid of an attorney I could not afford.

     • I have lived with being considered second class because English is a second language for me and because of my socioeconomic place in life.

     • I have struggled with chronic health issues without adequate health insurance care for those health issues.

I believe I am the best candidate to represent you in Florida House District 58. I need your vote. I respectfully request your vote. Please vote by mail, or early vote December 6-16 at Bruton Memorial Library or the Temple Terrace Library, or on Election Day December 19, 2017.

Support t​he candidate who understand our multicultural issues

Jose Vazquez understands our families' struggles and challenges because he has lived them, too. Florida's working families deserve a leader who will give solutions in the face of tough challenges. Let's take our message of hope and progress all the way, please join us!

Jose supports:

  • Increase in the Minimum Wage
  • Responsible Gun Ownership and Use Public Education for all
  • Affordable housing
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Expanding access to Quality Healthcare

Jose believe in the

Economic Development and Jobs in Hillsborough County for Rebuilding our Hillsborough’s Public Educational System and Promoting Liberty and Justice for All.



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Jose Vazquez for State Representative District 58

Headquarters of Campaign 

1916 N. 60 st, Tampa FL, 33619

p: (813) 526 - 9920
e: [email protected]